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Rockets | State Line Fireworks Heflin,AL

The fireworks that we sell are only as good as the rocket that launches their dazzling displays high into the air for all to see.

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Children Fireworks

Children Fireworks | State Line Fireworks Heflin,AL

We understand that young children need safe fireworks products that won't put them in harms way, and that is why we offer a wide variety of smaller...

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500 Gram Fireworks/Mortars

500 Gram Fireworks/Mortars | State Line Fireworks Heflin,AL

Our 500-gram fireworks are the most powerful options permitted under U.S. regulations, and they're designed to deliver a powerful and explosive...

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Welcome To State Line Fireworks

At State Line Fireworks, we carry the full spectrum of products allowed under Alabama law for nearby residents. Products we offer include TNT, World Class, and Boomer fireworks, we also have a no duds guarantee policy.

We start out our selection with a large variety of children's fireworks products, focusing on things like firecrackers, poppers, and sparklers that will keep kids safe while also keeping them entertained on warm summer nights and throughout the summer holidays. From there, we move on to our rocket selection and our 500-gram fireworks, each able to put on a near-professional display of firepower in the evening sky.

For both our children's products and our more explosive options, State Line Fireworks is committed to a great value. That's why we offer a "buy one, get one" deal on a large selection of what we sell and some 70% off items. Stop by today to get started!

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